Month: September 2013

Quick blast~

Just wanted to say that I’m still absolutely in love with Marble and Milkweed botanical perfumes! Every single serum makes me feel warm and comforted (especially in these Autumn days of recent hardship). Thank you Briar for your fantastic concoctions!

Disarmingly analog


Sew interested

As of late, I’ve been developing a strong urge to sew. I’ve never used a sewing machine in my life. I want to dabble. There’s something so genuine in slaving over every pattern and stitch. It reminds me of my old architecture days when I spent hours on models and produced beauty sometimes and failures other times. Regardless of the outcome, it was insanely gratifying. Now I want to sew.

I’ve spent hours upon hours perusing Amazon for sewing machines, specifically Singer and Brother. They all look very nice… and very plastic. I started looking at older machines from the 1950’s and ’60s and I’ve fallen head over heels for the Singer 301a slant needle machine. It’s a beauty! All metal gears and casing and awesomeness.

My dream machine.

My dream machine.

I plan on taking sewing lessons and getting advice from seasoned veterans before really setting my heart on the 301a. I’ve already dabbled in textile design and printing (as you can view on my portfolio) so I think it would be an amazing exploration of depth and design with my original textiles.

Organics part 2

IMG_20130813_111349What was once just a dreadful necessity has turned into the most luxurious experience; showering. MY bathroom has turned into spa thanks to Chagrin Valley Soap Co. and Marble & Milkweed. I come out of the bathroom smelling divine, and I don’t mean cheesy artificially scented. My bathroom pantry is stocked with a slew of bath, facial, and shampoo soap bars that I switch up on a whim. My staples for creating a joyful experience are:
Carrot Milk and Honey shampoo– I found THE ONE. This bar is insanely perfect for my hair type. It lathers up a ton to a creamy consistency which makes this shampoo easy to work from the scalp to the ends. After rinsing and an ACV rinse and air drying, my hair feels and looks silky soft. It’s amazing what the right shampoo can do for your hair.

Major surprise gift of CV soaps from a friend!

Major surprise gift of CV soaps from a friend!

Seabuckthorn and Tea Tree facial bar– I read a lot about seabuckthorn and found that this ingredient is particularly used by people with rosea or eczema (neither of which I have). But once in a while I get stubborn bouts of acne (on either my chin or forehead). I’d already tried the recommended Neem and Tea Tree facial soap for acne but to no avail. I’ve tried a ton since then and so far my number one contender is this Seabuckthorn and Tea Tree complexion soap. In second place is the Carrot Milk and Honey complexion bar (see a theme with all of the orange colored soap??). Seabuckthorn feels soothing while the carrot milk + honey does some serious anti-bacterial work with the acne. I alternate the bars (seabuckthorn in the morning and carrot at night).

Whipped squalane mousse– I raved about this in my previous review and I’ll say again; this face cream is such a luxurious staple to have. Filled with so many good ingredients, my skin soaks it up and stays incredibly soft.

Bay Rum shaving body soap– So this bar is placed under the shaving soap category but I use it for both shaving and non-shaving days. It smells amaaaazing! Spiced rum with an emphasis on the spice (smells like a mix of clove, cardamom, and patchouli). It’s the ultimate aromatherapy for me.

Multi-Mango Shower Butter bar– This bar is a lotion bar, not soap. It’s a chunk of various moisturizing butters in one awesome bar. I use it right after a hot shower while my skin is still slightly damp and warm. The butter melts on to the skin and feels sublimely soft. I feel so spoiled. A little bit melted can also be used for the ends of hair. I’ve done it and my ends feel soft and manageable (since my hair is long, it usually takes a while for my natural oils to finally reach them).

Marble and Milkweed Perfume Serums no. 1, 2, and 3– This is the cherry on top of it all. ORGANIC BOTANICAL PERFUMES. They smell as amazing as they sound. Each serum is a M&M signature combination of earthy/woody/spicy scents. It’s definitely geared towards those who like a muskier scent. I usually wear florals but I decided to take a chance and order these serums as sample sizes.

Serum no. 1
Head: cardamom, nutmeg
Heart: jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine sambac
Base: vanilla, sandalwood, lapsang souchong, peru balsam

Serum no. 2
Top: wild sweet orange, ginger, saffron
Heart: tuberose, neroli
Base: ambrette seed, sandalwood, vanilla

Serum no. 3
Top: cardamom, pink pepper, himalayan cedarwood
Heart: rose, immortelle, beeswax
Base: opoponax, tonka, labdanum

Marble & Milkweed goodies!

Marble & Milkweed goodies!

I’m absolutely in love with Marble & Milkweed. The owner, Briar, was also kind in enough to throw in a free sample of her Modern Chai no. 1 tea blend! I can’t wait to brew it! I want to try her Rose and Chamomile Butter, Rosy Lip Tint, and Repair Balm next.  I’ve been finding some awesome organic beauty shops on Etsy, too. One shop I’m particularly interested in ordering from is Conscious Skincare.

Let me know what organic companies/products you like! 😀