Month: June 2013

Learning learning learning

Just stumbled upon this amazing watercolor portrait speed-painting by a.cecile. I love not only the style/technique the artist employs but the music she chose to set the mood of her video. It’s quirky at first then just purely creepy! Her painting technique is fantastic with the wet-on-wet and dry fine brush for details. I’m learning so much by watching videos like this one. She has a bunch of other beautiful speed-paintings on her YouTube channel. So I definitely need white gouache.


Summer obsession: Watercolors!

I bought a Windsor and Newton Cotman watercolor set over two months ago and couldn’t wait to dig in! I carried it around in my backpack for the remainder of the semester with not much of an opportunity to use the paints. Now that summer’s in full speed, I’ve been painting like crazy! I’m not superbly skilled with watercolors but they’re just so much fun to play with. I love the color quality.


I’ve been really into fashion illustrations lately. My Pintrest board is full of fashion illustrations done with watercolors. Taking that inspiration, I attempted fashion painting in my own style (while sober and drunk– in love with mojitos and melon balls!)~

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