Month: February 2015


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ―Marcel Proust

Ticket in hand,

Soaring through clouds about to burst.

Bloodshot eyes and an appetite for adventure.

Chatter of crowds engulf you,

Rickshaws and cars whizzing by at dizzying speed.

Intoxicating colors. Chaos and beauty-

This is what you live for.

Red dirt roads kicked up in the wind

Carry you away

Past purveyors of gourmet, goods, and gold.

Taste the world and savor the moment,

Tongue burnt from spices and fingers sticky with sweets.

You are a pioneer with every step you take.

A cosmic clash of curiosity

For virgin territories and deep oceans.

Romance and pleasure, solitude and suffering.

Stand at the edge of the precipice and shout –

The vast world consumes you.

Bullet trains and paper planes

Face pressed up against the glass

Eyes wide open. Full speed ahead.

Open roads trace your sweaty palms.

You carve out new paths with your feet

And new memories with your mind.

This journey takes you round and through.

The more you explore, the bigger your universe.

The more you explore, the more you become.

Come back to your familiar home

To dream of places unseen.

Stay curious.