Month: January 2013

Pie in the Sky

I have been obsessed with projection mapping ever since stumbling upon V Squared Labs and viewing their demo reel over one year ago.

V Squared creates amazing visual experiences for huge music festivals and artists using animations, programming, set design, and VJ’s. The first project that captivated me was their Amon Tobin: ISAM design.

Amon Tobin ISAM 2

My dream project for my interactive arts programming class would be following in the footsteps of V Squared. I realize that they have huge budgets and spaces to work with. I want to utilize the space at EMPAC to create an immersive experience involving abstract forms to guide movement while masking the forms in eye-candy animations and coolness and oddball video clips. The room will be completely dark except for the projection of coolness onto forms. This black room will be like stepping into a floating world. I think original music by Prescott Brown would be perfect for my floating ambient world. Feel free to check out more of Prescott’s music on his Sound Cloud profile!

Here are more awesome applications of projection mapping~

(skip to like 1:10 to see some awesome projections on flower petals!)


Senioritis part 2

seniorsSenioritis part one was during my senior year of  high school. That was simple to understand and live through; not much caring about anything after slaving away at college applications for the past month. Now that I’m a senior in college, the barrage of work seems never-ending. And so I’ve fallen into the doldrums of depression; not laziness.

This is a Senioritis of a different breed. Unlike its sibling, this breed unearths my deepest fears every night. I panic at the thought of the future, worried about fulfilling a prophecy of ending up as a homeless hobo in NYC’s cold concrete jungle. Job searching is like pulling teeth. The number of entry-level marketing design jobs are far and few in between. Odd considering how ALL companies need a pretty face to sell anything. The economy sucking means less care for the ornate which means 20-somethings like me get screwed.

DESIGN MATTERS! Can no one hear me?! How do so many organizations not have marketing positions open left and right? I’ll pardon the ones that outsource their design needs to design firms. IN-HOUSE DESIGN TEAMS, I’M TALKING TO YOU! Y’all need fresh ideas. Where do fresh ideas come from? Young people.

Seriously, look at those drab industrial sites with the automated machinery and centrifuges and whatnot. They were designed in the 80’s and no one’s touched them since. These websites and collateral need major face-lifts. I know money is tight. I also know people like buying things from places that maintain a beautiful identity.

I’ll continue applying to 8 positions a day. I’ve hung a wish on every one of those flaming balls of gas in the night sky. Why? No matter how low I feel, my hopes never quit. I’m a closet optimist looking for a job. Woe is me.