Month: February 2013

My Dream Toy

By Formlabs, the Form 1 is a personal 3D printer.

Look, look, look!



Inventor’s Studio

Dear Google, how do people solve the world’s problems?

This is a question I hadn’t given a second thought to until this month. I decided to be different (for an art student here) and take an engineering capstone class called Inventor’s Studio. The professor granted me access and I was thrilled.

And now, I’m not so thrilled. I suddenly feel so restricted. My engineer friend can’t understand what I mean when I say that the process of finding a problem makes me feel like the creativity is being beaten out of me. He disagrees. He feels liberated by the freedom. What exactly do engineers do in college? Clearly I’m on the other end of the spectrum if following a strict guideline for problem finding is liberating. How do I pinpoint the most important problem and change the world?

What makes an issue more important than the other? I think every issue is a subjective topic. Everyone has priorities, therefore everyone’s issues fall into different ranks. I’m passionate about body image issues. I’ve researched and reported on it for 4 years. I’m suddenly torn with switching to another issue to solve or sticking it out with one of my passions. Why? Because it might not be important enough. This class, despite its good intentions, is making me doubt my priorities; the issues that truly matter to me. We are encouraged (feels more like “required”) to find a technological solution.

Why does it have to be a device? All the engineers in the class are trying to invent technological devices for their problems now. The Professor seems to be nudging me in a different direction (knowing that I’m not an engineer?). He advised that I start a new blog, contact organizations, and take surveys. Is this the stepping stone to helping the world’s women feel better about themselves?

I feel conflicted about Inventor’s Studio. But I know, regardless of how I feel, that I will learn a ton (maybe even how to change the world).