Month: March 2013

A Nostalgic Moment with MAC Cosmetics


I saw MAC’s cosmetic section in Macy’s over a month ago and died at the sight of their new collection and stylish campaign. Posed on a large poster were three characters who transcended fiction and were very real to me as a little girl in an Indian boarding school.

mac archies betty MAC-Archies-Girl-Veronica

I love how MAC decided to split the collection catering to the specific personality of both girls. For those not familiar with the Archie comics (first created in 1939), Betty and Veronica are two girls vying for Archie’s affection. Betty’s character is the American-sweetheart girl-next-door blah blah while Veronica (Ronnie) is the pompous rich girl; vain and egotistical (and my favorite of the two).

The personalities translate directly into the makeup. Sweet frosty pinks are abundant in the Betty collection while Veronica’s look is vampy and seductive.



Happy makeup-binge-shopping, everyone!mac_archiesgirls003


Tinker, Tailor, LittleBits!

As little girl, there were a slew of mini chemistry kits and geology kits I wanted to play with. One of my dreams was to become a maaaaad scientist (and now I’m a designer!). So it’s no surprise that when I saw a box of LittleBits at my boyfriend’s apartment, I had to get my hands on it! I’m not a little kid anymore but after seeing these little magnetic joys (a cross between Legos and Arduino) I was brought back to my elementary school days. The Bits are all color coded to identify inputs and outputs. One box of LittleBits kept me entertained for about an hour. I know other boxes come with various other parts (depending on the type you buy). If I had ALL of the LittleBots kits and some random craft supplies, I’m sure I’d have had a ton more fun. Also, the magnets to connect the Bits are sort of weak. When the system becomes too lengthy, it breaks off. Whatever. This is still an awesome toy. My favorite Bits were the slide dimmer, roller switch, and light sensor. I’m jealous of kids these days because there’s so much emphasis on STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) toys and programming and had these toys been available for the 90’s kids, who knows what amazing things we could have done! Kids now have a world of opportunity to combine tech with art create some great stuff.