Review: MM. LaFleur

I’d been dyingggg to order from MM.LaFleur so I bit the bullet and DID IT! Especially since starting House of Cards (I know, took me forever to get on that wagon), I’ve been reassessing my wardrobe choices. When I see Claire Underwood, I see someone whose wardrobe is just as calculated and no-nonsense as her modus operandi.

While my wardrobe is devoid of frills and bright colors, it errs on the side of Japanese minimalism á la Muji. Loose boxy tees, simple sweaters, and cropped straight-leg pants; all in hues of black, grey, olive, and oatmeal. On any given day, you can find me in either oxfords or loafers. Unless I’m hiking – then I’m in Chacos.

On my MM wishlist for the longest time were two tops: the Deneuve and the Franklin. Unfortunately I waited too long and the Franklin was discontinued (a few pieces left on last call). But it looks like the Deneuve will be an MM staple for years to come.

Conflicted between black and blackberry Deneuve, I asked Reddit’s r/femalefashionadvice for just that – fashion advice. 100% of responders told me to go with blackberry. Turned out to be a solid choice for my predominantly dark wardrobe. The material has some weight to it, accentuating the built-in drape. The color helps show it off more. It’s sophisticated and makes me feel like a boss.

I also ordered the Fey in black. This is a super soft top that is very curve-hugging. I suspect a lanky, lithe figure would pull this off perfectly but with my smaller bust and short torso, I was conflicted about keeping this top. Spoiler: I ended up keeping it. The potential work outfit combos far outweighed the slightly, only-visible-to-my-discerning-eyes awkward fold in the bust area. Ndb. Turns out, no one but me noticed. So I’m glad I cut off the tag before I could have umpteenth thoughts about sending it back.

I am completely sold on MM.LaFleur’s aesthetic! It fits into mine perfectly, elevating my wabi-sabi style to a more corporate level. I think I’ve found my “thing” for formal wear. Draping and wraps. Simple, fuss-free draping and wraps. Next on my list is the Peyton top (whenever my size is back in stock).