Clear Cut

Clear, cold, princess cut design,

Cosmopolitan beauty likes her Cointreau and cranberry.

She’s ready      molded and sitting pretty      doesn’t she look fine?


Elegant fingers hold a delicate crystal flower full of girly brine.

A princess of high society, an ethereal wisp of lady she is, sitting at the brasserie,

Clear, cold, princess cut design.


Twinkling clinking trickle down to colour her cheeks blush wine,

A sprinkle of charm here and a sultry gaze there, what a fleeting fairy.

She’s ready      molded and sitting pretty      doesn’t she look fine?


The blue blood in her veins makes her pine

For another drink, an escape to a world that makes her merry.

Clear, cold, princess cut design.

If you could have dinner with 3 people (past or present) who would you choose?

One connoisseur, one writer and (I’ll count this as) one television show creator. All of them in the present. I would love to have dinner with connoisseur Anthony Bourdain (from No Reservations, a TV show). He is seriously the most people-person I’ve seen on TV and Twitter. How does he pass his raw crassness as personable? He’s brutally honest (and almost controversial) no matter what culture he’s immersed in. His narration and writing style is brilliant. Clearly, he knows how to hold a conversation. Every dinner party needs an Anthony Bourdain. My next guest of honor at the dream dinner is writer Haruki Murakami. Having read half of his works (6/12), I can tell he’s got an interesting mind and a penchant for merging Japanese and American cultural ideas. I’m sure he and Mr. Bourdain would have no problem rollicking in laughter. The piece-de-resistance is the duo TV show creator, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It would be unfair to separate the two as they BOTH created the sing-songy Glee and the twisted American Horror Story. I’ve watched both shows and CAN believe that they’re so drastically different. The same minds that conceived a high school coming-of-age story are also just as capable of cranking out disturbing thoughts. These show creators are pure geniuses. One connoisseur, one writer and (I’ll count this as) one television show creator would make up the perfect dinner.

An architecture student’s thoughts on his own thesis project

“It was my thesis presentation on Mayan civilization, corn, and bio plastics in the context of architecture … basically a bunch of nonsense that I have to make up so I can graduate.”

I happened to stumble across the student’s photo of his thesis critique setup in my Facebook news feed. I was interested in seeing his spread of posters and project documentation. When I clicked on the photo, I saw what he commented in response to someone asking what it was for. I could rant forever on how preposterous it is to not care about one’s own project in a field as influential as architecture. It makes me see red. The passion is fake. The vision is fake. If you don’t care, don’t do it. If these are the students schools are producing, then I’m scared to imagine what the future of design could become.

“‘You know Mr. Frog… I’m an absolutely ordinary guy. Less than ordinary… I live a horrible life. All I do is eat, sleep, and shit. I don’t know why I’m even living. Why should a person like me have to be the one to save Tokyo?’
‘Because, Mr. Katagiri, Tokyo can only be saved by a person like you. And it’s for people like you that I am trying to save Tokyo’”

— Katagiri and Frog, “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo” by Haruki Murakami