Looking through some of my old work, I notice what made it into my professional portfolio and the pieces that didn’t. Of the works that shine enough to be shown to perspective employers, it is obvious that I’ve had three distinct muses in my work; X, Y, & Z.

In all honestly, I’ve only ever shot X once but I really loved how easily he draped his body and fixed his gaze. His complexion pale and smooth and hair beautifully light blonde and his angles sharp. He was a natural. I don’t know why I didn’t work with him again.

Y has appeared in more of my works than I can remember. She’s almost omnipresent in all of my design work. She’s a muse not only because she can model, but because she is inspirational. She has her share of creative insight and vision which makes her the perfect creative partner. We’ve had all sorts of awesome shoots and collaborations. I’m not limited to any particular medium when working with Y because she is superbly open-minded.

Z was and still is someone important to me. I shot photos of him during our relationship and post-breakup. During the relationship, photo shoots gave me chance to spend time with him and during the post-breakup, photo shoots with him allowed me to still maintain some sort of connection.

These three muses have been insanely important in my work as a designer. Where would I have been without them?

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