Finally updated my portfolio!

After 3 months, I finally added my LED cube + DIY motion controller project on my Behance portfolio. I learned a ton from trying make the two devices communicate using two Arduinos. Here’s the full write-up of my project (same as what I wrote on my portfolio)~

GOALS: I wanted a more in-depth knowledge with electrical projects and more complicated coding to expand my creative horizons and give me an intuition on how to go about wiring and setting up projects in the future.



•laptop (not shown in picture)
•Arduino IDE
•common cathode RGB LEDs, wires, cardboard, aluminum foil, alligator clips, 2 Arduino Uno, soldering iron, wire strippers/cutters
•ton of tech/coding help from Sam Germano



•Interfacing with 3D motion tracker
•Developing mapping between motion tracker outputs and LED cube outputs

Proof-of-Concept~ During my proof-of-concept presentation, I had my 3D tracking interface and 4x4x4 tri-color LED cube working but I had not established communication between the two. The LED cube was glitchy. At this point, I sought my tech expert Sam Germano’s help to better understand what I was dealing with. Some feedback I received during my presentation was to open two serial ports input from IO 3d device out to serial port to Arduino running LED cube and xyz random number but instead Processing sketch send values across serial to LED cube.
Final~  What worked?
•The communications worked fully.
• The LED cube worked minus one short.
• The communication between the 3D tracking Arduino to the LED cube Arduino.
• The Processing script for the tracking device visual
• The LED cube did respond to hand movements but there was a lot of interference with spiked data from the tracking device, possibly caused by electromagnetic interference.

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